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We know that the pen is mightier than the sword; however, conveying thoughts in writing is the most difficult form of expressing oneself and being understood. Most students write as if they were talking. Writing and talking are two very different forms of expressing thoughts. Academic writing is formal writing and should not read as if it were found in a social network chat room.

Mastering writing is, for the most part, a self-taught skill; part of the self-teaching is seeking accurate feedback on writing tendencies, specifically, incorrect tendencies.

Once self-teaching students are aware of incorrect tendencies, they can make the necessary changes to become a master of the art of writing.

Twilocity's core mission is to improve the writing skills of students and teach those students how to write by learning from their mistakes.

Twilocity's automated paper review takes just moments to generate and provides complete feedback on grammar, punctuation, format, and structure. The program identifies errors in the paper and generates a rule reference, a detailed explanation for correcting the problem, and a personalized grammar sheet based on the student's writing tendencies. Students then learn from their mistakes by making corrections to their own paper before submitting it for a grade.

Writing can be fun once you know the rules and the secrets!

Our Name is a combination of twilight and velocity. Twilight because the word is magical and velocity because life offers a quick ride. Life's ride is not a physical trek; it is a mental voyage.